'...sharing with a public whose rights to air and exercise are not in doubt'  

'...we could never own the land and keep out the public...' 

Crowborough Beacon Golf Club Limited

The public's right of free access over all 222 acres of Crowborough Common is confirmed in the official history of the club: 'The Life and Times of Crowborough Beacon Golf Club 1895 - 1995'.

This book was published by the club in 1994 to celebrate its centenary.  Copies are available from Crowborough Library and the clubhouse.

Pages detailing the public's rights are reproduced below:

Front cover of the official history of Crowborough Beacon Golf Club

Edited by Alistair Macdougall with forewords by Earl De La Warr and John Wynn, Club Captain

Page 10.  The highlighted text reads: 

‘At short notice it appeared that it would be available for the sum of £750. Earl De La Warr indicated that he was prepared to make the transfer for this sum subject to certain conditions.' 

'Perhaps in the future we might regret that we could never own the land and keep out the public, but at that time, and even with hindsight, it was a tremendous step forward for the Club.'

Page 12.  The highlighted text reads:

'Being Lords of the Manor gave substantial rights, but also responsibilities to commoners, property owners on the Manor and to the public at large.'

 Page 13.  The highlighted text reads:
'Having the Manorial Rights is a hugely important asset to the Club, but it seems that today, these rights have to be exercised with good sense and in a spirit of sharing with a public whose rights to air and exercise are not in doubt.'

Crowborough Beacon Golf Club website - History page (2006 archive)

The red arrow points to the following statement:

'...the committee acquired the Manorial Rights of Alchornes Manor [Crowborough Common] from the Earl at the price of £750. However, one of the Earl's conditions of sale was that the public were not to be excluded from the area.'

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